Mill House Clinic Associates (Multiple Student Intern Positions)

The Mill House Clinic is looking for its next group of Associates deliver projects to Social Enterprise and Indigenous-led businesses based in Canberra.

Students deliver our projects with intensive briefing and theory, support and supervision of Mill House Ventures staff and our professional volunteer mentors from local business, legal, financial firms.  Most of the project work is done in the Social Enterprise Hub at UC. Undertaking MILL HOUSE projects will develop and enhance your entrepreneurship skills for the future. 

We are now recruiting for Winter Term and Semester 2, 2019. 

The preferred student pathway is via Semester 2 enrolment in Unit Social Enterprise 11379, which equips you with essential social enterprise theory in an intensive mode as well as the 40-hour internship placement in Mill House Clinic. However, if you are interested in the opportunity for Winter Term or cannot enrol in this Unit, please talk to us about other options at our information session detailed below. 

Our Associates embark on an impactful journey to solve business challenges such as rebranding, ethical sourcing, research, event management, social media strategy, IP protection, business plans, strategic plans, SWOT analysis and more.  The types of businesses that we support are very diverse, so we need Associates from all UC Faculties, including Health, Chemistry, Education, Art & Design and Community Development.


For Winter Term or Semester 2 BGL students participating in an internship you must be enrolled in 11167 Business & Management Internship (Level A) to ensure you are doing an internship for course credit and are covered by UC insurance. If you have any questions about this unit please contact Other internship units are available for specific disciplines such as Law. 

For Winter Term or Semester 2 FAD students, participating in an internship you must be enrolled in 11017 Professional Practice 1 or 11018 Professional Practice 2, to ensure you are doing an internship for course credit and are covered by UC insurance. If you have any questions about unit please contact

For more information, contact us on or drop in during business hours at the Social Enterprise Hub (across from Mizzuna’s Café)

Interested in more detail for Unit 11379 Social Enterprise contact the unit convener

Volunteer Mentor

The Mill House is always looking for new mentors to work with social entrepreneurs based in Canberra and throughout our region. Mill House mentors provide student supervision in our Clinic, they provide one-on-one advice to our social enterprise accelerator participants and they sometimes co-facilitate learning and peer networking events with us.

Our marketing, communication and business mentors should be well networked with an understanding of the key economic, social and cultural drivers. They understand who the major players are and can use their personal networks and contacts to help assess the viability of the idea under consideration.

Mill House Volunteer marketing, communication and business mentors will have some experience in the development of commercial business/marketing cases and can work collaboratively with someone who may have little or no commercial experience.

Mill House Clinic mentors usually have a background in small business finance, accounting, marketing, communication or law. No prior educational experience is needed, but we are looking for people with a passion for working with young people.

To express your interest, email us at Please specify “Volunteer Mentor” in the subject line.