REFINE cohort are ventures that are ready to scale a validated product or service business model.

REFINE participants are both not-for-profit and for-profit ventures who are selected to participate by our social impact investors. The for-profit ventures typically receive investment in return for equity. Those investments are held and managed by the Trust Company behind the GRIFFIN Accelerator.

The not-for-profit social ventures that are invited to REFINE are eligible for grants from our venture philanthropy partners. Those gifts vary based on the needs of the organisations and the capacity of our partners. They work alongside the for-profit ventures receiving the same advice, support and program support at no cost.

The benefit of the accelerator program for this cohort is the guidance, support and direction you will receive to prepare to scale. The kind of work we anticipate you will do during a REFINE season includes, but is not limited to:

  • Establishing evidence that the product/service provides intended social impact
  • Preparing a multi-year strategic plan that includes milestones for scaling
  • Developing strong customer awareness and evidence of demand
  • Filling your Board positions and considering key management
  • Building a financial model for scale that clearly documents costs and revenue at a unit level – including one-year operations projections in detail and a three-year financial projection.

Each entrepreneurial journey is slightly different. Based on your specific goals and priorities, The Mill House will work with you one-on-one to assist in the development and implementation of ambitious goals for the three-month program.

Our goal is to accelerate your venture’s growth by connecting you with strategy experts, subject experts, high-level networks, investors, funders, and a like-minded community of successful entrepreneurs.

“Millhouse program covered a diverse range of areas and is suitable for anyone on the journey of social entrepreneurship. It was great to meet and interact with such a diverse and committed group of people with a common aim to make a positive impact in the community.”

Lesley HarrisGRIST 2017