The Mill House Ventures — a Catalyst

The Mill House Ventures is committed to supporting the business growth and impact of Indigenous and social enterprise including not-for-profit and for-profit social ventures. Offering a place for new-ventures to thrive, clients can choose to work collaboratively through skills development initiatives in the Accelerator as well as access professional services through the student-led Mill House Clinic.

The Mill House is looking for enthusiastic and committed teams to participate in the Season 3 of GRIST.  The program will run for 6 months from 15 July to 21 November 2019 and team from Canberra and our region are encouraged to participate. Applications are now open.

The Mill House Clinic is looking to offer Indigenous, Social Enterprise, and small non-profit ventures the ability to access tailored accounting and legal services designed to support them in those very critical early stages of their development.



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