Our Mission

The Mill House works with businesses that seek to trade for purpose. Entrepreneurs that are passionate about solving problems in the community often face barriers to business education and investment. We exist to support their inclusion into the mainstream market.

The Mill House Ventures is an innovative social enterprise business advisory and investment intermediary. Our flagship program, the Social Enterprise Accelerator is an intensive three-to-six-month capacity building program. Designed to accelerate the business growth and impact of not-for-profit and for-profit social ventures, it enables them to work side-by-side challenging, collaborating, and supporting each other in their mutual aims of sustainable and scalable social change. Not every social entrepreneur needs or is ready for an Accelerator. We offer other training, peer networking and other engagements that allows people to take the time they need to explore the concept of trading for purpose.

The Mill House Clinic provides very targeted specialist services for individuals trading for social or community purpose. We engage talented and capable University and TAFE students who need the chance to gain practical experience. We pair our Interns with qualified pro-bono professionals to ensure that our clients receive high quality professional services.   We focus on the very early engagements where a client often doesn’t understand exactly what they need.

A second aim of the Mill House Clinic is to increase student exposure to social enterprises and social entrepreneurship, thereby increasing their employability and familiarity with hybrid businesses.