Altina Drinks, zero proof craft cocktails

Altina Drinks, zero proof craft cocktails

“Think about the last time you went out to meet friends, went for a special dinner or relax with colleagues after work. What were the drink options? And if you choose not to drink?

We think that people should be able to choose their relationship with alcohol, without feeling pressured, left out, or bored by the options of alcohol free drinks available.”

That’s why we started Altina Drinks.

At Altina Drinks, we’ve used our science smarts to create Zero Proof Craft Cocktails that pack a punch without the alcohol. We want to shake up the Aussie drinking culture by building a sustainable social enterprise that normalises alcohol free drinks and provides a delicious alternative to the booze.

When you choose our Craft Cocktails, you are also making a choice about your own health, how you drink and how drinking is perceived in our society. We want you to be part of our movement.

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