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Base Soaps is a social enterprise that harnesses our need to buy everyday products and reinvests all profits into health education programs for Australian communities.

Socio-economic issues are currently affecting children in some Australian communities at levels 10 times greater than the World Health Organisation consider “a massive public health problem requiring urgent attention”.

Project Base

Base Soaps is a hand maker of bar, liquid and shaving soap products, made from scratch in our garage. As you might imagine, it’s the cleanest garage in the world… promise… no really!

Current Products and Progress

We focus on making super products. They need to be high performing with minimalist presentation. Why? We want you to use them every day! Yeah, they make fantastic gifts, but the best gift of all is knowing that regularly buying and using our products has a lasting impact on the future of Australian communities.

The ACT region supplies us with incredible soap making resources. We collect and upcycle olive oil, walnut and macadamia shells to bring you some of the finest lathering and moisturising bar soap. Our secret ingredient is the ethically superior coconut oil from Kokonut Pacific Australia. Uplifting, warm and soothing essential oil combinations really help the products sell themselves.

The true Base trademark exists in our castile liquid soap. The natural chemist at Team Base is able to create some of the finest vegan, hypoallergenic and biodegradable skin care products purely from nature’s supermarket.

We own our environmental foot print, and whilst that means excluding plastic wherever possible, it also means offering products that last longer. Our shaving soap is case in point, each pot contains the equivalent uses to 12 aerosol cans, or enough to shave 1.65 woolly mammoths. That the ridiculously (almost) edible Shampoo Bar has worked its was into many Aussie bathrooms, is testament to our customer’s desire to rid their homes of plastic. Our liquid soap range is also found in the ACT region, by the barrel, to further encourage BYO packaging behaviour.

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