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Irene Lemon is an experienced Advocate for Social Enterprsie, Business Advisor and Startup Specialist. Her passions are Creative Industries and Regional Economies. 

Social Enterprise and Social Impact Startup and Enterprise Support

Irene is an award-winning founder of a creative business, the social enterprise Magic Electricity Box. She is a Mill House Ventures GRIST alumni and advocate for female entrepreneurs.

Irene has supported over 1000 entrepreneurs in the last 7 years as the Advisor Manager of an award winning team throughout NSW and Australia to reach their business goals and build viable, sustainable and enjoyable small businesses. 

Freelance Grant Writer

Irene is also a freelance grant consultant, and specialises in grants for business, skills development for grant teams, facilitation for Industry, education and training, and advisory coaching. Irene has proven success in helping small businesses and individuals to find and apply for grants, plan for business success and grow strategically while remaining small, nimble, flexible and successful!

Areas of Expertise

Irene has facilitated industry development programs with keystone funding partners to increase the quality of funding applications received. She has provided white label resources and industry consultation services to build bespoke learning programs that save grant makers time and frustrations inherent in dealing with sub-optimal applications. Irene specialises in open, competitive grants across all tiers of government, impact and social change grants and fellowships, and sustainable grant strategies to enhance small business success.

Irene’s years of experience as a grant writer and business advisor has helped a diverse range of 400+ businesses in various sectors across international, national, rural, remote and regional communities benefit from successful funding applications of more than $40MIL AUD while building a viable business to ensure government grants have far more impact. 

Irene Lemon

Irene Lemon
Enterprise Development Manager

The Mill House Ventures Ltd.

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