Dr Yasmine Gray, the founder of getaboutable is smart, a mum, driven, stoic, uses a wheelchair and is a passionate traveller. She tackles things head on.  So, a number of years ago when she needed wheelchair friendly travel advice and couldn’t get it she decided to provide it herself and www.getaboutable.com was born. Tech-cofounders Andrew Vassili and Steven Diep joined the team last year and getaboutable has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Getaboutable.com is a social enterprise focused on improving travel and leisure options for people with disabilities. One in five people have a disability so it’s a big market. All profits are re-invested to empower people with disabilities to participate in travel and leisure activities, and to help the travel and leisure sector be more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Getaboutable participated in The Mill House 2017 Accelerator program and worked with other social ventures and Mill House mentors to understand and work on what would make getaboutable a sustainable social enterprise.

Hard work, picking the right partners and lots of tenacity has seen getaboutable grow to over 1,500 listings across 50 countries making travel for people with a disability so much easier. Getaboutable continues to grow and along the way they have been recognised with a number of awards and grants such as:  the 2019 Microsoft AI for Accessibility Challenge winner, grants from Hands Across Canberra, the Snow Foundation, the ACT City Renewal Authority, and YWCA Canberra Great Ydeas.  The grants have allowed Getaboutable to drive the Accessible Canberra project, which encourages businesses and other travel and leisure destinations in the ACT to be more accessible and give people with a disability the confidence to get out and about in the community.