The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator

GRIST is the Mill House Ventures flagship program for Social Entrepreneurs, Change Makers, Impact Practitioners, Community Developers and people just like you who want

 – a better way of doing business,
 – want to build sustainable change, and,
 – are looking for a way to ensure the impact is long-lasting and meaningful.

GRIST is an accelerator program designed to help you iterate and build a sustainable business model ready for scale. You will learn about social enterprise, as it operates in Australia, gain clarity on your market and options for viable products and services AND meet amazing changemakers and people who want to make businesses with purpose.

It could be a Not-For-Profit or For-Profit venture, hybrid business, a brand new idea or an existing business ready to explore a new way of trading for purpose

* If you are not sure, we have FREE initial consultations so you can spend an hour with one of our team to ask questions, find out more and get some expert feedback on what we can do to help