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Carole started as a graduate accountant in Canberra around Christmas 2009 with a small accounting firm of just 7 accountants. She worked there for just under five years, advancing to senior accountant by the time she left the firm. Carole commenced working for the Canberra office of Nexia Australia in September 2014 and within three years became a manager. Since then, she has put a lot of her time and energy into training staff both through structured sessions and impromptu. Theses sessions have had great feedback and staff have gained a better understanding of practical accounting knowledge. A growing area in today’s accounting landscape is IT, and it’s effect on what was in the past, a very manual paper-based occupation. Carole has a strong understanding of online accounting packages, in particular, MYOB, as well as a strong understanding of excel and it’s applications within accounting.

Carole is predominantly involved in assisting small to complex large business groups with all their accounting needs, from payroll and bookkeeping to the preparation of financial accounts and tax return to tax planning, dealing with GST issues and CGT advice. Carole also assists clients in dealing with third parties, including regulatory authorities, banks (for finance applications, etc.), legal practitioners (acquisition and sale businesses, drafting of agreements, etc.). Carole has also worked with the audit team in assisting them during audit busy season. This has given her a keen advantage in understanding yet another facet of the accounting spectrum. Carole strives always to achieve not only the best result for her clients but also the best understanding of what can often be a complex area of business that many people struggle with. She is committed to building strong relationships, not just with clients, but also with peers, colleagues and the community at large.