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As a Program Director for the Bachelor of Business and Senior Lecturer at the Canberra Business School, Diane is passionate about exploring the world through practice, and this has resulted in the development of a practice-based ontology, in which practice informs her teaching, research, service, and engagement. The lenses she applies to her teaching and research work have both practice and critical theory. She has a strong business background, and as an educational psychologist, she teaches critical and creative thinking. As a business manager and academic, Diane teaches strategy, innovation and change management, and a range of entrepreneurship subjects. Her research is driven by a central theme of power in organisations. Specifically how modern forms of power impact on practice and people and change their ways of being and knowing. The aspects of power she is currently exploring are neoliberalism, the future of work- change management, automation and robotics, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Diane undertakes education research, problematisation, thinking- creative and critically. Her research work has a focus on practice and people and the materiality, liminality and collegiality. Research theorists and methodologies she favours are founded by Michel Foucault, Mitchell Dean, Dorothy Smith, Simon Springer, and Michelle Brady. Though she has retained her quantitative research background and has preference for qualitative methodologies, she believes methodologies are all about the problem. She has coached and mentored many innovative start-ups in several countries around the world.