Nathaniel Diong is an award-winning Malaysian-Chinese social innovator and GenZ educator. He’s committed to building the next gen of social entrepreneurs.

He founded Future Minds Network (FMN) to help ambitious teenagers launch social business. They work with mentors from YC, Harvard, Oxford by building and breaking startups, whilst learning skills for the Future of Work.

Nathaniel has worked with over 11,000 young people and mentored waves of startups across Australia, UK, Canada and US. This includes UC Berkeley, two UN-affiliated hackathons, Global Hack, Practera, Macquarie Incubator, Remarkable Accelerator and more. He is currently an EIR at an international startup accelerator, SparkTeen as well as at The Human Entrepreneur in the UK. He also sits on 8 non-for-profit boards ranging from education to healthcare.