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Pieta Manning is a passionate believer in the concept of “universal capacity building” and the opportunities offered to all individuals in an inclusive and equitable community.

In January 2015, Pieta established Your Plan Your Way to provide independent coordination and facilitation for people with a National Disability Insurance Scheme plan, assisting them to better understand the new model and to get the most from their plan. Pieta believes that a confident, informed Participant body is essential to the success of the scheme and to growth in the Disability business sector. Your Plan Your Way now has 8 Coordinators working in the ACT and NSW and is about to launch their affiliate model in Victoria and Queensland.

While working innovatively with Participants, Pieta realised that the Disability Providers and mainstream businesses were also seeking training and development around how to establish sustainable services, improve their client experience and grow their market. Pieta now provides training in this area to a wide range of large Providers and start-up businesses from Victoria, NSW, ACT and Queensland. Pieta’s training emphasises the huge opportunity for local economic development presented by the NDIS alongside the exciting chance to reshape the role of people with disability as active participants in local commerce, shaping and supporting the growth of new markets.