The Mill House Clinic assists social and Indigenous Ventures with accessing high-quality professional services.

In addition to being low on funds, our entrepreneurs often don’t know what they don’t know. Not clearly defining a business problem is a liability when trying to decide on what kind of professional business advisor, service or consultant to engage.

The design of Mill House Clinic is such that it brings together University students from various disciplines and matches them with professional services providers to acheive a project outcome for our clients. We take a holistic approach to understanding the client’s challenges and recommending a project that is most useful and feasible. 

The Mill House Clinic

Build an effective and sustainable social venture by connecting with the right specialist professional services at the right time.

What is the Clinic?

The Mill House works with businesses that seek to trade for purpose. 

The Mill House Clinic is a place for Social Enterprises, Indigenous-led businesses, and small not-for-profits to develop and create positive social impact. By collaborating with Associates supported by qualified Industry Professionals, accountants and lawyers, ventures receive high-quality professional services to improve your business.

Entrepreneurs that are passionate about solving problems in the community often face barriers to business education and investment and Mill House Ventures exists to support their inclusion in the mainstream market. The Mill House Clinic is our program to bring University of Canberra students, our Associates, into the Social Impact sector. 

Our history and our impact

Since inception and as an initiative of the University of Canberra, the Mill House has worked with students, exposing them to the unique asset class that is a social enterprise. We have worked with students interested in learning about trading for a mission and this has always included an aspect of reflective learning what is unique about our way of doing business.

We’ve enjoyed learning from our students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who provide insight into the barriers and opportunities associated with accessing meaningful and culturally appropriate work placements.

Expanding our offer to our social enterprise business clients while creating meaningful professional services placements for students was the foundation for the clinic.

Our purpose

Supporting start-up, early and small businesses with a scope of services in small business administration, accounting and legal initially, the Mill House Clinic is supporting them on a pathway until such time that they can afford to access mainstream professional services.

As a program of the Mill House Ventures, the Clinic is particularly passionate about providing meaningful work experience for University  of Canberra students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds as well as from other culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The Mill House Clinic Service Offering

Finance and Accounting

  • New business set up (cf. chart of accounts, Tax File Number registration, GST registration, ABN/ACN registration, invoicing and payment processes…)
  • Bookkeeping (cf. data entry, monthly reporting of P&L and Balance sheet, GST (BAS) management)
  • HR and Payroll (cf. e.g. superannuation, salary…)
  • End of financial year reporting (cf. revenue and expenses clarification…)
  • Operational reporting and forecasting (e.g. cash flow analysis, budgeting…)
  • Experienced Financial and Accounting advice on a project or as-needed basis


  • Legal structure advice and development
  • Contract advice and development (e.g. customer and provider)
  • Employment and Tenancy Agreements advice and development
  • Compliance advice for Federal, State and Territory Laws (cf. Privacy, Terms of use)
  • HR advice, policy and procedure development
  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection (e.g. trademarking, IP management plan)

Business and Marketing Projects

We are seeking projects from for-purpose businesses. If your business is facing a business challenge, our students might be able to help!

For Semester 1, 2020, we will be covering the following management consultancy project types as well as our general accounting and legal service offering (cf. see above):

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Event Management
  • Product & service promotion
  • Search engine optimisation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Research Reports
  • Business Planning
  • Competitive Evaluation
  • Social Business Model Analysis and Development
  • Rebranding
  • Ethical Sourcing and
  • Other related undertakings

If you are interested, send us your Expression of Interest and our mentors will evaluate your business needs before assigning students.