Space To Be

Space To Be

After working as a professional organiser for several years, I realised there was an opportunity to make better use of people’s gently used items. We live in a community where some people have so much stuff and need help getting rid of it, while others need a helping hand to set up a home.

So, I thought, what if there was a way to match the stuff from the people who no longer wanted or needed it, to the people who currently really need it? Imagine the potential good these pre-loved items could do for someone else.

And so, the social enterprise side of my business, Space To Be, was born.

We have made connections with local Canberra charities, including the YWCA Canberra Housing Support Unit, who let us know what their clients need. And then when we are working with our paying clients to help them declutter their homes, we collect those items on their behalf.

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