The Social Dog Company

Tatum, a dog lover, dog hugger and socialiser has combined passion with purpose and is on a mission to help out dogs in trouble in an incredibly unique way. She has started the first dating with dogs event organisation called The Social Dog Company This creative idea gets dog owners (and their dogs) to meet other dog owners (and their dogs) in a social setting. The dogs provide an icebreaker for their owners to relax and meet other owners and also offer an excuse to move on if the conversation grinds to a halt.

Dog lovers without a pet are also encouraged to attend as these events allow dog lovers a chance for some pet therapy and dog talk. Potential dog owners can be matched with a rescue dog or check out what types of dog might be suitable to them and their home in the future.

In terms of the social enterprise business model, The Social Dog Company charges for attendance at its events and consults to venue-managers who want to hold more dog-friendly events. To further its impact aims to find ‘forever homes’ for pets in needs, it donates a percentage of revenue, organisations like Best Friends Pet Rescue, Greyhound Connections, RSPCA and Australian Deaf Dog Rescue. Several sponsors also support Tatum, and a specific shout out goes to the Golden Sheaf Hotel and Titos Vodka. The Social Dog Company is attracting a loyal following of admirers and is branching out to Sydney and Melbourne.